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Finland Paralegal and Legal Document Assistants, known as LDA’s assist lawyers with legal services. Finland Paralegal, Finland Legal Document Assistants ( LDA ) and Finland Legal Secretary can help with legal forms and document preparation regarding divorce, child support, custody modifications, small claims, right to lien, release of liens, simple wills, name change, quitclaim deeds and promissory notes. Finland Legal Secretary generally works directly for Finland Lawyer or as an employee of the Finland Judicial Court.

In most judicial systems, a Finland Paralegal, Legal Document Assistants ( LDA ) or Legal Secretary can do any functions that most lawyers do except actual court litigation and giving legal advice. Legal advice may only be given by a qualified licensed Finland lawyer. Most Finland paralegals, Finland legal assistants and Finland legal secretary work under the guidance of the Finland Lawyer or as approved by the Finland Judicial Court.

Finland Paralegal, Finland Legal document assistants (LDA) and Legal Secretary may perform the following functions under the guidance of a lawyer:

  • Conduct legal research, including procedural, administrative, or case law.
  • Conduct investigations and record searches.
  • Locate and interview witnesses for dispositions.
  • Draft legal documents, correspondence and pleadings.
  • Document retrieval and filing in court.
  • Keep track of and report any pending legislation that may affect clients.
  • Prepare medical summaries and chronologies.
  • Attend executions of wills, real estate closings, depositions, court or administrative hearings and trials with the lawyer.
  • Interview client to gather facts and background information.
  • Assist in preparing witnesses for court hearings.
  • Service of subpoenas and summonses.
  • Bilingual legal translation services.

Five things a Finland Paralegal, Legal Document Assistant ( LDA ) or Finland Legal Secretary cannot do are:
1) An Finland Paralegal cannot give legal advice.
2) An Finland Paralegal cannot develop the lawyer-client relationship.
3) The Finland Paralegal cannot sign papers on behalf of the client.
4) The Finland Paralegal cannot represent a client in court.
5) The Finland Paralegal cannot set and collect legal lawyer fees.

These functions are considered the practice of law. Different judicial systems have different requirements for Paralegal, Legal Document Assistants ( LDA ) and Legal Secretary. Federal and State laws and judicial system policies are continually under review. When selecting a Finland Paralegal or legal document assistant (LDA) from the Finland Paralegal Directory always ask about the particular constraints in their practicing area. ADR means Alternative Dispute Resolution.

If legal action is necessary, before contacting a Finland Lawyer or Finland Paralegal, we suggest that you educate yourself on Finland law and the legal process by reading the books mentioned in our recommended reading section.

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